Sunday, December 29, 2013


The Search for Children and The Stage Play

3rd day in Palo, Leyte. We are still researching on our probable case studies and have been meeting a lot of the locals. The weather is very unpredictable, which makes it very hard for us to move around effectively. One minute it's a sunny day, then the next minute, it begins to rain. 

We visited once again the kids in Cogon, who were very happy to see us again. Nash played with Aris, a first hand account survivor of typhoon Yolanda. We did our first batch of interviews with this family of survivors.

At night, we had the opportunity to watch a stage play by amateur thespians from Ormoc. the title of the play was "NOEL".

Noel is based on the Yolanda tragedy and how the family cope up and move on with their lives with the power of prayer and the christmas season as its mileu.

The play was staged inside Palo Cathedral, at the center of the cathedral itself. which happens to have destroyed rooftops, and unfortunately it was raining, hence the rain pouring in the roofless spots of the venue. But cleverly since the play is based on the typhoon tragedy, they managed to make use of the pouring rain, and wet cathedral floors as part of their set and stage design.

Its ensemble is composed of really good singers, singing each note with much sincerity and passion.
The group share that they may not have enough to give, but they volunteered, to share their talents in the music and theater arts to entertain the Yolanda victims and survivors, and at the same time uplift their spirits. 


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