Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Welcome to Project Paraiso Homepage

Merry Christmas!

I'm Nash Ang, a Filipino filmmaker based in South Korea.

Welcome to the humble website of our movement!  We plan to film a documentary film about the children who have survived the devastating tragedy that Typhoon Haiyan brought to the Philippines, particularly in Leyte.

We will feature 2-5 kids with different backgrounds about their living, their, family, their incredible stories of survival during the storm, their dreams and future plans. At the same time, we will also document their everyday lives, from Christmas until the beginning of classes on January. 

Things may not be as we would expect it to be when we get there, but we have prepared ourselves enough to brave the coming days with enthusiasm and determination. While we have no full description yet about the our film, one word summarizes what we want to show --- Paraiso (Paradise) Why? Find out soon!

Hopefully things would come into place and everything would be fine.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Nash Ang


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