Friday, January 03, 2014


The Relief Operations

I followed the Lacandazo family, whilst Victor pursues another case study.

Throughout the day, I went along with grandfather Pete to Tacloban to process the insurance benefits of his departed family members. 

I simply followed him around silently recording as he goes about his transaction. He bought a new cap and thought of his grandsons and decided to buy them a dozen dunuts.

when we went back to San Joaquin, the LGUs (Local Government Units) were there. They were distributing relief goods to the people, the mayor was present, handing down the relief goods personally.

It was the same with Victor's case, as he also saw the LGUs pass by in Cogon, handing out relief goods to a long line of people.

Victor followed the Luz and Duque kids around, as they went on with their day to day activities, today they were collecting steel bars and metals from the many ruins brought about by the typhoon. They plan to sell this to the junk shop for a price of roughly 7 pesos per kilo.


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